Mar. 22nd, 2010

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How to add a new mp3 sound file to your Nokia 6630 in five simple nineteen infuriatingly complicated steps:

1) Attempt to find an example of said file.

2) Realise this is going to be more difficult than first thought.

3) Look through dozens of sites which either don't have it; have it but in .wav file when last time you converted .wav to mp3 it distorted it; have the sound played repeatedly when you only want it once and don't know how to edit mp3 files; tantalise you with it but then don't have it when you click on the link. Repeat for at least an hour.

4) Eventually find it and download it.

5) Try to remember where the phone/PC cable is. Get annoyed at self for not yet purchasing a Bluetooth dongle for PC.

6) Find cable.

7) Remember you have a new laptop now, which won't have the compatible driver software for the phone.

8) Connect phone anyway, just in case.

9) Fail to connect. Stomp off to look for driver disc.

10) Find 5-year-old disc of Nokia PC Suite. Feel pleased at not having thrown it away.

11) Install PC Suite. Try several times to get it to work. Fail.

12) Rage and swear.

13) Uninstall PC Suite.

14) Google for updated version in case 5yo version is too old for Windows 7.

15) Install updated version.

16) Tranfer file; get 'your phone may not be able to read this file. Install anyway?'

17) Sigh. Click 'yes'.

18) Pick up phone. Go to Gallery; find file; click and pray.


(Then go round demanding people text you so you can show them your new sound.)


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