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What a lovely day. It's May, and I was able to go out without my coat, and even take off my back-up cardigan, lol. I hope this is a taste of the glorious summer to come :-D.

I wish blossom would stay around longer - it's so beautiful )

Not much to report that's of any interest, although I've been busy in my own way. On Monday I cleared out 95% of the junk that's been hiding under my bed for too long, and I feel so much better for it. My room doesn't really look any more or less tidy than it did (although that's the point of hiding stuff under the bed, lol), but I know that bar one small box which'll be easy to sort out, everything from under my bed has either been recycled, filed, put away properly or given to a charity shop. And that makes me feel good :-).

Leafletting with Karl on Saturday was good though tiring, so sorry guys for coming to watch Dr Who at [ profile] tawdryfilth's and disappearing so quickly afterwards - I also had period pains of death so I needed my bed and prescription-strength painkillers.

We didn't do as well as we have done at the Green Man quiz on Tuesday, but then the wine they give out as a prize is so vile that last week when we finally got round to trying it, I had to add some of Karl's WKD blue to make it more palatable. I'm classy :-D.
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I don't like updating on a weekend as hardly anybody's on, and yet it still manages to get buried by Monday, lol. Anyway, I find myself with some time, so here goes.

Karl came round to mine before Distraction on Friday with my present which he allowed me to open early as I was feeling a little low. And OMG - he's invented an entire Magic deck (over 60 cards) for me based on Robert Rankin's Brentford ever-increasing-trilogy! I should really have been wearing waterproof mascara because the sheer loveliness of it made me cry - he must've spent weeks doing that. I have such wonderful friends *hugs Karl*.

After a minor nail varnish emergency which made us a bit late, we went to Distraction, which - although the music was a little too continually Indie for my tastes - was fab, so thanks to all who came and made it what it was :-D. It was definitely a good idea to change my going-out-night to Friday to mix my and Dan's birthday celebrations - and it meant I finally got to go to Distraction after having missed all the others for various reasons. I danced lots, drank sufficient to get me nicely tipsy but still know what I was doing AND not get a hangover the next day, lol, and just had the fabbest time. All in all, it was a Very Good Night :-).

Saturday )

Today I'm resting and doing a couple of chores so that I can go to Malvern tomorrow with a clear conscience. And checking LJ, of course :-).

*big grin*

Jan. 11th, 2006 06:05 pm
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My new pen (courtesy of the lovely don_cione) )
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*waves to everyone*

Well, I thought it was about time I gave something approaching an update, not that much has happened, lol. Thanks to everyone who texted/e-mailed/MSNed etc to ask where I'd disappeared to - it's been nothing dodgy; I just took a while getting over the virus thing. I'm still very tired, but otherwise mostly OK. It might be a while before I'm out though (except for cinema and going out in Moseley), barring miracles and sheer bloody-mindedness ;-). We'll just have to see.

Christmas was OK; Tink and I stayed at my parents' for a week, which can be a bit of a mixed blessing, lol. Fortunately Christmas and Boxing Day weren't that bad virus-wise, so I was able to be sociable and even taste all the goodies that magically materialise in my parents' kitchen over Christmas. The most fascinating time was watching Tink infiltrate Millie's territory...

Cat photos and Power Animals... )


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