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A great big Penblwydd Hapus to [ profile] rudefuckindoll!

Have a fab one :-D
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Here's another one:

Gap Unveils New 'For Kids By Kids' Clothing Line )
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Oy! [ profile] cathgrey and [ profile] threepymeepy!


And stuff.
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On Monday morning I woke up with a cat on my head.

Tink had decided to squeeze himself onto the bit of pillow between the top of my head and the headboard, all while I was asleep. And since I woke up at 6am and 10am and he was still there, he obviously liked it :-).
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Hehe - go here to [ profile] dengel3000's journal to get links to the funniest mixed songs of the summer so far < /hedging bets> :

50 cent vs Thomas the Tank Engine and (my favourite) Eminem vs Benny Hill. The latter sounds as if it was made for the Benny Hill theme, lol - I prefer it to the original!

Wales stuff to follow. Probably.
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Your Score: Orpheus

33% Extroversion, 66% Intuition, 100% Emotiveness, 90% Perceptiveness

You are an artist, an aesthete, a sensitive, and someone who has never
really let go of that childlike innocence. To you, all of life has a
sense of wonder in it, and the story of Orpheus was written about
someone just like you.

When the Argo passed the island of the Sirens, Orpheus played
a song more beautiful than the Sirens to prevent the crew from becoming
enticed. When his wife died, he ventured into the underworld to charm
Hades but, in his naivete, he looked back becoming trapped there.

You can capture your unique world view and relate it to others
with the skill of a master storyteller. Your sensitivity and creativity
make you a treasure to the human race, but your thin-skinned nature and
innocence can cause you a lot of disenchantment and pain. What's doubly
unfortunate is that, if you try to lose those traits, you never will,
and everyone will be able to tell that you're putting up an artificial
shell to prevent yourself from being hurt.

Famous people like you: Hemingway, Shakespeare, Mr. Rogers, Melville, Nick Tosches

Stay clear of: Icarus, Hermes, Atlas

Link: The Greek Mythology Personality Test written by Aleph_Nine on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test


May. 30th, 2007 07:20 pm
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I too have had the lurgy, that I'm pretty sure came from [ profile] threepymeepy, since the weekend.

I am not happy about this.
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I've just been messing about on, and decided to find out something that bugged me when I watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead at the cinema, but for some reason have never remembered to check it out when I was actually close to a computer. Until now.

The injured (bitten) fat woman who's brought in on a wheelbarrow before succumbing and turning into a zombie herself has always bothered me: she just didn't look right for some reason. I wondered if it was an A-lister playing a heavily-disguised cameo, or maybe just (shock horror!) bad prosthetics (unlikely when the rest of the effects in the film are pretty damn good).

So today I checked the trivia section, and found out she's played by... A MAN!

*all fits into place*

That explains it :-)
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I've just said to [ profile] dengel3000 "I've been clearing the cupboard out; that's why there's glitter on the floor".

Made sense in my head.
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Thanks to everybody who came bowling yesterday for my birthday - it was great fun, even though we had to wait 90 minutes for a lane after the whole world descended on the place while we were upstairs playing pool (I couldn't pre-book a lane as everyone was coming at different times, and hardly anyone could give an exact time anyway). But we managed, and although I'm as crap as ever at it, I had a laugh and I hope everyone else did too.

I've had some lovely presents too: Mark bought me my very own DS (so I can give [ profile] dave_ho_tep his back now); he also got me a cute cat pen and matching stickers, which I meant to stick on everyone's heads last night but forgot about. Oh well, next time...

A quick list of some of my presents:

A gorgeous necklace
The official Scrabble dictionary, with every allowed word between 2 and 9 letters in there, with definitions! No more "well apparently we can accept 'Aa'* even though we have no idea what it means".
My own Clanger-noise-maker
A toy trumpet
Some cool CDs.
A book of some of the best Darwin awards
A modern retelling of The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse, which is hilarious :-D.
A recycled circuit board fridge magnet in the shape of a butterfly
A lotus retreat bag

From my parents I got a big Welsh grammar book, among other things. And yes, I did ask for it, because I am that sad, lol. Oh, and the birthday cake mum got for me was a fabulous Dr Who one, with thick turns-your-tongue-blue icing and everything. Typically, I forgot to take a photo of it with my phone, but mum did with her film-camera, and [ profile] x_equals_speed cleverly suggested taking a photo of that photo when it's developed, as I don't have a scanner, so I'll be trying that. Hopefully you can all wait without too much anguish for that...

Tired now. Need more rest.

Have a fab weekend, whoever reads this. And also those who don't; I'm feeling benevolent :-).

*'Volcanic rock consisting of angular blocks of lava with a very rough surface', for those who were even remotely interested.
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I'm back from wonderful Wales now, and I had a fantabulous time :-D. It's going to take me a while to catch up on everyone's entries, and I'll probably only skim them to be honest, so if there's anything important I need to know, comment here or text me or something.

I'll update too, but probably in bits over the week. In the meantime, if you're wondering where our Eurovision entry* got their inspiration from, have a look here:

*sacrilege! HOW could Scooch have won? But that's another entry...


Feb. 25th, 2007 11:50 pm
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You Would Choose Love

Money may buy a little happiness, but not the happiness of true love.
You rather have a true soulmate than a private jet.
And while many people may claim they would choose love too...
You're one of the few who would really do it.
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The Government are looking at encouraging exploration for oil and gas along the coast of Cardigan Bay! My favourite bit of the UK! My spiritual home!

What are they thinking? It's an area of outstanding natural beauty, supposed to be in a conservation area, and they want to DRILL FOR OIL?!?!?!

I've signed the petition, and I'm putting the link here in the hope that some of you will too. As if we don't have enough issues with carbon emissions, they want to spoil a beautiful area and potentially damage the wildlife, including one of the UK's biggest dolphin populations.



Action updates:
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Bonne Anniversaire, [ profile] rudefuckindoll!

Amuse-toi bien :-)
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A Goodly Number of Birthday Wishes, [ profile] 5leeple55!
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A big, fat Penblwydd Hapus to [ profile] baloobas and [ profile] x_equals_speed, despite them having the audacity to have birthdays on a weekend when I haven't been able to get on LJ :-D
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Has anyone heard Rush by Finnish band Poison Black, btw? I heard it on Kerrang's The Slab when I couldn't sleep on Saturday, and I really like it, lol.

It looks like Finnish metal bands might actually be the next big thing... ;-)
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Penblwydd Hapus [ profile] raggedhalo!

Have a fab one...
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